Favourite Colours

  • Jade: Purple n teal
  • Jesy: Every colour!
  • Leigh-Anne: Green
  • Perrie: BLUE!!!


There are a number of important dates when discussing the vertiginous rise of the UK's best girl band, Little Mix.

There's the date they were crowned winners of The X Factor (December 11 2011), and when they scored their second UK Number 1 with their first single proper, Wings (September 2, 2012). But perhaps the moment the pop axis truly shifted was on June 5 2013 when the band's album, DNA, became the highest debut ever for a British female group's first album, entering at Number 4 and eclipsing a sixteen-year-old record previously held by the Spice Girls Spice album.

Within two years, Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne – for it is they – have gone from obscurity to being one of the biggest bands on the planet, a steep trajectory going interstellar with the release of their second album, Salute and its ludicrously amazing first single Move.

They experiment with trap on the Beyoncé-inspired Salute, old school R&B on the groove-lead Mr Loverboy and experimental acapella harmonies on Boy. Bold, confident, emotionally-resonate and bursting with character, Salute is a quantum leap forward from what Little Mix have done in the past.

In 2014 they embark on their biggest UK tour, with dates including London's O2 Arena. They also supported Demi Lovato on The Neon Lights Tour in the US.

Look out world, Little Mix are coming for you again.


  • Perrie


    How did you get into singing? My parents are singers / performers

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  • Jesy


    Nicknames? Jesminda

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  • Jade


    Age: 20

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  • Leigh-Anne


    How did you get into singing? Sang at every talent show at my school, when I was younger used to take part in stars in their eyes at my primary school, inspired by my older sisters, amazing performers.. We used to put on talent shows and perform spice girls together.. Always knew I wanted to be a performer!

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