Favourite things

Favourite food? Nachos all the trimmings

Favourite colour? Green

Favourite Musicians? Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Aaliyah, old school RnB

Favourite Movies? Titanic, Jason's Lyric, and anything scaryy!

Favourite albums / songs? Rihanna - 'Talk That Talk'.. Sugababes -'One Touch', Ed Sheeran - '+', Chris Brown - 'Fame'. Song is 'Wild Ones' - Flo Rida



Age: 22

Where did you grow up? High Wycombe

How did you get into singing? Sang at every talent show at my school, when I was younger used to take part in stars in their eyes at my primary school, inspired by my older sisters, amazing performers.. We used to put on talent shows and perform spice girls together.. Always knew I wanted to be a performer!

Style inspirations? Rihanna, Lisa Turtle (Saved by the Bell), Fresh Prince

Nicknames? Fresh Princess

Random fact

Leigh-Anne has a phobia of flies (or any bug that flies)!

Leigh-Anne's Playlist

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