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Little Mix Record with Missy Elliott
Mar 22nd, 2013

Little Mix Record with Missy Elliott

So you know we promised you something a bit special with Little Mix's next UK release? Well it's time to let in you in just what that is!

We're pleased to announce that the girls have teamed up with Missy Elliott on their next single,  'How Ya Doin'?'!

And Jesy, for one, is pretty excited about the whole thing: "We honestly can't believe that Missy is on our song! She's been one of our biggest idols for ever - it's incredible.

"As soon as we thought there might be a chance she'd appear on the track we did literally everything we could to make sure it happened."

We all can't wait for you to hear the girls' new track - stay tuned for the release date and video coming SOON...!