Mixers Magnets Challenge 13: Mixers Quick Quiz


What Do I Have to Do?

This challenge is a test of speed and Little Mix knowledge – we want you to complete the Mixers Quick Quiz!

How Do I enter?

Head over to the @littlemixoffic Twitter page – we’ll be live-Tweeting each question. Once you know the answer Tweet your answer with the relevant hashtag (e.g. #MixersQuickQuizQ1), including your country. The first person to answer correctly will receive 5 Mixer Points for their country!

There will be 10 questions in total, so plenty of chance to win those all-important points for your country.

But that’s not all – we’re going to make it a little bit more difficult for you...

We’ll only post the first question once you’ve helped Trend #MixersQuizQuiz on Twitter! So head to Twitter NOW to unlock this challenge through the power of a hashtag...!

How is the Winner Chosen?

The first person to correctly complete each question including the relevant hashtag and their country will win 5 Mixer Points for their country.