Exclusive blog from the girls!
Jul 30th, 2012

Exclusive blog from the girls!

Making our music video was so EXCITING and I had an absolute blast shooting it! I loved every minute of it! I can't wait to do it again I loved our individual  backgrounds, especially my flowers and vinyl wall - 'Don't Worry Be Hippie'! ;) It's so colourful and fun! There's so much crammed into it that I had to watch it loads to catch all the details… hope you're enjoying watching it as much as I am ! Perrie <3 

im soooo excited that the video is finally out for everyone to see! Hope everyone can have a little boogie woogie to it and it makes everyone smile :) I love how we have our individual backgrounds for our solo bits, and one of my favourite bits is the end when we do the 'stomp' kind of dance with the chairs :) xxjadexx

Thanku for watching the video guys were so thankful for all ur support so glad ur all loving it have a boogie on down in ur bedrooms or living rooms bt don't smash any lamps massletaff Jesyxx

Omgosh our first ever video, I really hope you guys love it! We hope it makes you all want to get up, have fun and DANCE! My favourite scene of the video is the dancing scenes! :D it was amazing being able to do such a wicked routine! I also love how each of our individual personalities come across! Love it! Leigh x