Where did you grow up?
I grew up in South Shields. All my family and friends live there and it's my happy place :) going home keeps me grounded and makes me appreciate what I'm doing and who I'm doing it for.
How did you get into singing?
I used to think my Mam was Diana Ross and I absolutely idolised her. I watched all her videos and copied everything she did from being little even to now! My Mam would go to the bingo with her friends and tell me she was doing another concert. I'd listen to Motown and watch Michael Jackson videos with my dad. Motown gave me my love for singing, and watching old school musicals (Gene Kelly, Doris Day etc) gave me my love for performing.
Who are your style inspirations?
There's nobody in particular I look up to but I like when people don't play it safe and aren't afraid to dress how they want to dress. I think I have quite a geek chic style which has evolved as I've grown up.
The girls call me poopey or jadey :) at school everyone called me pickle because I was so little you could put me in a pickle jar.
What's your favourite food?
Sunday dinner with all the trimmings or lasagne.
What's your favourite colour?
Teal, purple or anything gold and sparkly!
Who are your favourite musicians?
Any Motown, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse and classic pop.
What are your favourite albums/songs?
Back to Black, Sigh No More, Black and Blue or Bday To Know Him Is To Love Him, Redemption Song, Infinity and When You Tell Me That You Love Me
What's your favourite live memory?
Every time we sing Change Your Life I try not to cry! Seeing how much it means to the fans and how much our lives have changed it makes me so emotional!
Who is your musical inspiration?
As a whole Beyoncé. She sings, dances, performs, is a good role model and is determined to be as successful as she can be.
Funniest Little Mix Moment?
The list is endless! Our best bits come from us being tired and delirious, the banter flies and I feel sorry for anyone interviewing us! Having to fall over a million times for the opening of the black magic video was hilarious.