Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a town called High Wycombe
How did you get into singing?
I grew up listening to Mariah Carey, I would blast it in my room and sing to all of her albums. She was one of my biggest idols, since I was about 5 I remember making up dances and singing with my sister Sairah. We would always hold our own talent shows and perform to our mum and dad.
Style inspirations?
My style inspirations are Ciara, as she is so chic and clean with her fashion she always looks and dresses immaculate in the coolest designers. I adore Rihanna’s style as she sets trends, she is fearless when it comes to fashion and anything and everything looks great on her.
What are your nicknames?
Leigh-Leigh, Leigh, Fresh Princess
What's your favourite food?
Mexican - nachos with all the trimmings.
What's your favourite colour?
Who are your favourite musicians?
Rihanna Ciara Chris brown Tinashe  Beyonce
What are your favourite movies?
Titanic Love actually
What are your favourite albums/songs?
Jessie J album - Who We Are  Mariah Carey - Music Box (album) Mariah Carey - Mine Again Usher - You Got It Bad
Favourite Live Memory?
Performing at the 02 at our first arena tour. We had just finished Little Me and I burst into tears because I was so proud.
Who is your musical inspiration?
Mariah Carey inspired me to want to sing, I would say Rihanna is my inspiration when it comes to confidence. And in terms of music it would have to be Michael Jackson, he was the king of pop and he changed the world.
Funniest Little Mix Moment?
Every single day! But to pick one.. Our betsy and wilma personas.. When we pranked an Adi Lee driver it’s on YouTube funniest thing ever! Lol