Where did you grow up?
I was born in South Shields, but as a kid I moved around a lot.... I’ve lived in New Zealand, and Weymouth! But most of my life was spent growing up in South Shields!
How did you get into singing?
Both my parents are singers, so I kinda feel I was born to sing! :)
Who are your style inspirations?
I think my main style inspirations are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, I love them, they're so cool and chic!
What are your nicknames?
My nickname is Perrie winkle, or Pez, or my dad likes to call me pep!
What's your favourite food?
Favourite food? Indian, spaghetti & meatballs, Sunday dinner, mince and dumplings, my dads carbonara, and anything my mam cooks! I love food a bit too much!!
What's your favourite colour?
Blueeeeee, but I wear a lot of black and white :)
Who are your favourite musicians?
I love Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Mariah! All the divas! Beyonce is AMAZING! And I love Steve Perry from Journey.
What are your favourite movies?
I'm a movie geek! I love rom coms, I love thrillers, I love dramas, I could watch movies all day long! Couldn't pick a favourite!
What are your favourite albums/songs?
My fave songs are classic 80's 90's ballads! I love journeys greatest hits, Britney Spears greatest hits, Cristina Aguilera, I like Sam Cook! All types of albums and songs!
What's your favourite live memory?
I think performing at the final of X factor at Wembley was INSANE, then performing our own tours has been the highlight of my life!
Who is your musical inspiration?
My musical inspirations are my parents! They're the most talented people I know!
Funniest Little Mix Moment?
Oh my gosh! We have too many! Not a day goes by where I don't cry with laughter at my 3 girls! Every day in Little Mix world is like a stand up comedy sketch! I love it!!